General Terms and Legal Conditions

1. Definitions of legal Terms

1.1. Pamiria Ltd. – Limited liability company Pamiria Ltd., registered at the Trade Register at the Registry Agency under UIC: 204212740, seat and registered address in Pavlikeni, Ilia Zlatev 55 A 6, Bulgaria.

1.2. Customer/s, Client/s, User/s -natural persons and legal entities who wish to purchase products online on the website Customers must be natural
persons of legal age and mental capacity. With your purchase you confirm this.

1.3. Products/goods– items announced for sale in the online store

1.4. Online store or – store for selling the products on the internet by placing an order and paying the price by the client. The webstore is developed and maintained by Pamiria Ltd.

1.5. General Terms and Conditions– these General Terms and Conditions published on the website state the rights and obligations of the users and visitors of the website. Any action of the visitors of constitutes an electronic declaration that they do agree with and accept entirely and unconditionally these General Terms and Conditions.

2. Subject of the General Terms and Conditions

This document contains the general conditions under which the Pamiria Ltd., with its registered office at: Pavlikeni, Ilia Zlatev 55 A6, provides services and products to consumers through its online store The user expressly and unreservedly agrees to these terms and conditions for using the site and online store.

The customer must read carefully these Terms and Conditions before the purchase. By ticking the box before “I have read the General Terms and Conditions and I accept them” upon completion of the order, the client acknowledges that he/she has read, understood, and agrees to be bound by these “General Terms and Legal Conditions” of the site and the online shop. The agreement to these “General Terms and Legal Conditions” cannot be revoked retroactively, as long as a contract for the purchase of goods from the online store is in force or until he/she has paid all amounts due to the Pamiria Ltd..

If the client disagrees with these “Terms and Conditions”, he/she shall not use the site for making purchases. These conditions may be periodically updated or changed, so they might be read carefully intheir current form before making any purchase.

The contractual language is English.

3. Copyright

Unless these terms and conditions expressly stated otherwise, the information published on is owned by Pamiria LTtd.. Copying, transmission, distribution and storage of part or all content published on without the express written permission of Pamiria Ltd. is forbidden. Visitors are allowed to view and print excerpts from for personal use.
Users may not use the site in a manner that violates any local or international law and / or the rights of other individuals. Users may not upload or distribute materials that contain viruses or adware or similar computer codes designed to damage the rights or interests of third parties. If a customer considers that a message sent to him in any way by the Pamiria Ltd., violates the copyright or any other right, he/she may contact Pamiria Ltd. through the available site contact details.
Visiting or purchasing products at does not require registration.

4. Limitation of Liability

Pamiria Ltd. is not liable if, for any reason, this website is unavailable at any time. Besides, Pamiria Ltd. is not liable for any external content which can be found on linked websites.

5. Purchase Terms

The products shown in the online shop are not a legal binding product offering but a non-binding online catalogue. By clicking the ordering button at the final step of the ordering process, the buyer places a binding ordering of the chosen products. After placing the order, Pamiria Ltd. will send a confirmation via email to the customer that the order was received. The order confirmation does not yet constitute a binding contract of sale. It is mainly for the customer´s information. A binding contract of sale shall come into being when Pamiria Ltd. confirms the product shipping.
Following is required for an order:
1. Amount and information which products are desired
2. Valid shipping address or office of the courier and contact telephone
3. Order by pressing the “Submit order”
4. Confirmation email by Pamiria Ltd.:

a) The availability of ordered items
b) The shipping cost
c) The period for delivering the goods

6. Prices

All prices are in Euro, Dollar or Pound. The customer will be charged the prices stated in the online shop at the time the order has been placed. Prices include VAT but not the cost for shipping. Pamiria Ltd gives its very best to avoid any pricing errors, but if there are wrong prices shown, Pamiria Ltd. has the right to refuse or cancel any incoming orders. Pamiria LTD reserves the right at any time to change prices without notice and to correct wrong technical and other parameters of the goods. These might be typing errors, photos or other parameters like the product options.
The prices for the delivery depend on the quantity of products which are ordered. Regularly, the following tariffs are applied for delivery:
Tracked delivery via courier Ekont within Bulgaria – up to three items: 2 €
Tracked delivery via Bulgarian Post outside of Bulgaria – up to three items: 5 €
The client shall inform Pamiria Ltd. in advance if he intends to order more than 4 items at once.

7. Payment

Payment can be made by Paypal. Payment on delivery is not possible – also not in Bulgaria.

For security reasons payments are processed by Paypal. As soon as the client checks out, he/she will be automatically be connected with the Paypal server (httpss:// transfer of the information and the authentication will be with codification through SSL-Technology. The information will not be forwarded to Pamiria Ltd. or saved.


The invoice amount can be paid via the online payment service PayPal. To use PayPal, the customer will need a PayPal account which is linked to his/her bank account or credit card.
Please note:
Conversion is automatic, i.e. you can pay with card in any currency.

8. Delivery of products

Ordered goods are delivered by post or courier to the specified delivery address. The products are always sent with tracking number.
Tracked delivery via courier Ekont within Bulgaria costs 2 €
Tracked delivery via Bulgarian Post outside of Bulgaria costs 5 €

9. Delivery time

The delivery time depends on the availability of items. In the event that all ordered products are in stock, the order will be dispatched within 24 hours. The usual period for the implementation of the order is 1-3 working days. In the rare case that a product is not in stock and cannot be placed within 3 days, Pamiria Ltd. informs the client. The client is free to decide whether he prefers to cancel the contract or wait until the demanded items are available.
Pamiria Ltd. does not take responsibility for the work of post, international post or courier.
In the presence of the circumstances leading to delay execution of the order the customer will be promptly notified of that by us. Pamiria Ltd. provides a tracking number for the ordered good.

10. Return or exchange of products

The customer has the right to cancel the contract by returning the goods purchased on The client shall give reasons for his/her refusal. The refusal of the purchase can be made within fourteen days, counted from the date of delivery. In the same period the user can exchange the item. The cost of the return or replacement of goods shall be borne by the customer.
The consumer shall inform Pamiria Ltd. of his/her intention to withdraw from the contract in written form. The client can use, without any obligation, email communication for this purpose.
The user who has notified Pamiria Ltd. of his/her intention to return purchased goods, is responsible, within fourteen days of its application, to return the goods in the condition in which it was delivered, sending it back to Pamiria Ltd.. Address for returning goods is as follows: Miroslav Ganchev, Ilia Zlatev 55 A 6, 5200 Pavlikeni, Bulgaria.
Refund is carried out within fourteen days of receipt of the application for return of goods.
For the repayment Pamiria LTD will use the same payment method the client has used for the initial transaction, unless it was expressly entered into another agreement with the client. In no case shall Pamiria LTD charge the client additional amounts because of this repayment. Pamiria LTD may refuse the repayment until it receives the goods.
Goods returned within the term stipulated above shall be accepted if the following conditions have been observed:
– The item is in its original or alternative safe packaging;
– No evidence of wrong use, disrupted integrity or spotting;
– The cost of returning the goods is borne by the user.
When replacing the goods, the consumer has the right to exchange with goods of the same or higher value than the price paid. Replacements of lower value goods are not accepted; this case will be treated as a return of the goods to recover the price paid. In case of choosing the more expensive goods exchange, co-payment is done by paying the difference by invoice.
Until handing of the return/replacement goods by Pamiria LTD the risk of loss or damage is the responsibility of the customer. The costs of returning the goods are paid by the client.

Returned goods are inspected by opening the consignment in the presence of a jury of two people. The decision of the jury on the condition of returned goods shall be binding on the parties.
The rules for returning the goods described above are applied for exchanging of goods.

11. Data Security

Pamiria LTD collects and stores customer data for the process of ordering and delivering.The customer data are stored for the maintenance of a customer database for an indefinite period of time. Pamiria LTD will not transfer this customer data to a third party.
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12. Applicable law and jurisdiction

Pamiria Ltd. is situated in Bulgaria. Bulgarian law therefore governs it and should any legal discrepancy occur, it will be dealt with in a Bulgarian court of law. The application of the UN-Agreement on Contracts on the International Purchase of Goods of 11th April 1988 is excluded.
If the customer has not general legal jurisdiction in his/her country, has changed residence since the purchase contract was made or has a temporary residence in another country or his/her residence is not fixed/known at the time of the suit, Pamiria Ltd. will apply Bulgaria as the jurisdiction for any disputes arising as a result of a contract.

13. Contributions

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14. Final provisions

Pamiria Ltd. has the right at any time to change these terms and conditions. The changes are effective from the date of publication on the website and have prospective effect; they do not affect orders confirmed by Pamiria Ltd. prior to this time.