All prices are in Euro, Dollar or Pound. The customer will be charged the prices stated in the online shop at the time the order has been placed. Prices include VAT but not the cost for shipping. Pamiria Ltd gives its very best to avoid any pricing errors, but if there are wrong prices shown, Pamiria Ltd. has the right to refuse or cancel any incoming orders. Pamiria LTD reserves the right at any time to change prices without notice and to correct wrong technical and other parameters of the goods. These might be typing errors, photos or other parameters like the product options.
The prices for the delivery depend on the quantity of products which are ordered. Regularly, the following tariffs are applied for delivery:
Tracked delivery via courier Ekont within Bulgaria – up to three items: 2 €
Tracked delivery via Bulgarian Post outside of Bulgaria – up to three items: 5 €
The client shall inform Pamiria Ltd. in advance if he intends to order more than 4 items at once.


Payment can be made by Paypal, card (Visa or Mastercard). The payment via card is also processed via Paypal. Payment on delivery is not possible.
Credit Card
The following information are required for payment with credit card:
– Credit Card Number
– CVV2 Number (It’s a three digit code that’s placed on the back of your credit card after your 16 digit credit card number.)
– Expiry Date
For security reasons the credit card payments are processed by Paypal. As soon as the client enters his/her credit card information, he/she will be automatically be connected with the Paypal server (httpss:// transfer of the information and the authentication will be with codification through SSL-Technology. The information will not be forwarded to Pamiria Ltd. or saved.


The invoice amount can be paid via the online payment service PayPal. To use PayPal, the customer will need a PayPal account which is linked to his/her bank account or credit card.
Please note:
1. “Cash on delivery” is not possible – also not in Bulgaria.
2. Please note that card V PAY or MasterCard Electronic payment will be made only if it is registered in the schemes for online payments Verified by Visa or MasterCard SecureCode. .
3. The maximum amount which can be paid by card is 5,112.00 €.
4. Conversion is automatic, i.e. you can pay with card in any currency.

Delivery of products

Ordered goods are delivered by post or courier to the specified delivery address. The products are always sent with tracking number.
Tracked delivery via courier Ekont within Bulgaria costs 2 €
Tracked delivery via Bulgarian Post outside of Bulgaria costs 5 €

Delivery time

The delivery time depends on the availability of items. In the event that all ordered products are in stock, the order will be dispatched within 24 hours. The usual period for the implementation of the order is 1-3 working days. In the rare case that a product is not in stock and cannot be placed within 3 days, Pamiria Ltd. informs the client. The client is free to decide whether he prefers to cancel the contract or wait until the demanded items are available.
Pamiria Ltd. does not take responsibility for the work of post, international post or courier.
In the presence of the circumstances leading to delay execution of the order the customer will be promptly notified of that by Pamiria. Pamiria Ltd. provides a tracking number for the ordered good.